Linhart Family Scholarship Accepting Applications

Linhart Family Scholarship Accepting Applications


When Mary Linhart of O’Neill, Nebraska, passed away, it was a little known secret that she was sitting on top of a fortune that would change the lives of college-bound students in north-central Nebraska for years to come. In her handwritten will, Ms. Linhart requested that one-half of her estate be placed into a Youth Scholar College Scholarship Fund for local students seeking to attend college.

Administrators of Linhart’s estate, in cooperation with the Nebraska Community Foundation, established the Youth Scholar College Scholarship Fund to fulfill Mary’s request. Nearly one million dollars of original investment was placed into an endowment, with the earnings from this endowment to be used, on an annual basis, into perpetuity, to provide local students from Holt, Boyd, and western Knox County areas with unique scholarship opportunities.

To date, this generous gift has awarded over $180,000 in scholarship funds over the last six years to students wanting to further their education. It is hoped that these students will return or stay in the area once their education is complete and begin their career to help meet the workforce demands that face our communities.

The 2017 application is now available. Scholarships will be awarded on a case-by-case basis with each scholarship having a minimum value of $1,000 per recipient.

Scholarships will be awarded annually to students who attend or reside in Boyd, Holt, or western Knox Counties. Eligible high schools are West Boyd, Lynch, Stuart, Atkinson West Holt, O’Neill, O’Neill St. Mary’s, Chambers, Ewing, Niobrara and Verdigre.

Scholarship awards are not limited to high school seniors. Existing college students and non-traditional applicants are also eligible.

Applications are now being accepted. Application guidelines and an application form can be downloaded at Applications are due on or before June 1, 2017.