AT & T Bunker - ONeill

AT & T Bunker - ONeill


O'Neill, NE 68763

Lease Rate: Not for lease
Lease Terms: Unknown

Building Details

  • Total Sq. Ft: 5,000
  • Number of Stories: 0
  • Ceiling Peak (ft): 14
  • Expandable: No
  • Zoning: Other
  • Site Size (Acres): 10
  • Former Use: AT & T Bunkhouse
  • Specialty Feature: Underground
  • Building Type: Industrial
  • Ceiling Eaves (ft): 0
  • Can Subdivide: No
  • Within City Limits: No
  • Construction Type: Concrete Block
  • Year Built: 1960

Building Description:

The bunker is approximately three feet below grade. This bunker was designed to be functional beyond the missile crisis of the period (early 1960's). The self-contained site operated on its own septic and well design to be inhabited after the world changing event. There are two sets of stairwells to enter or exit the facility. One of the stair towers is next to a shaft-way that would be used to raise and lower equipment into the bunker. The entire facility is made of poured concrete that is surrounded by a sump system that is accessible via manholes for monitoring and maintenance. There is a buffer of approximately 5-7 acres that surrounds the facility that the leach fields and well are contained with-in. The south wall is broken up by doors that feed the generator room, electrical and mechanical rooms, pump room, restroom and the east hallway that leads to the shaft way and east stairs. The main room has 6" conduit feeds stubbed into the north and west walls.

Generator room - This room has had all gear removed. It was set up without pads and housed two generators. It appears that a CAT 1750 class generator could fit in the space. The room is 25' x 20'. There is a dedicated exhaust space in an air makeup room just off the generator room.

Mechanical room - Located in between the pump and generator rooms, and is broken into multiple spaces. The main electrical switch gear is in the first room (GE Brand) along with two air handlers hanging from the ceiling. On the south side of this space, another large room contains large compressors and a shaft-way for air make-up for the facility. The air make-up and airways enter via multiple baffles and filters to insure that contaminated air would not enter the facility.

Pump room - This room is tiered into an upper and lower space and is located east of the mechanical room and west of the restroom, and east shaft/stairway. The pump room stores air and water and also moves water from the drainage systems in each of the stairways.

Restroom - There is a single stool and sink and is next to a tile shower entry space that would be used to clean off any contaminants before entering the facility.

The shaft-way - This space is open and is covered by a small above grade structure to keep weather out. The shaft-way and stairs have drains with mechanically operated pumps to remove any water that would accumulate. These pumps have not been in operation for a number of years about 3" of water has accumulated at each stairwell and in the shaft.

The building is zone is agriculture.


Transportation Summary

  • Nearest Interstate: Interstate 80
  • Nearest 4-Lane Highway: US Hwy 275
  • Nearest Commercial Airport: Central Nebraska Regional Airport
  • Rail Served: Yes

Utilities Summary

  • Electric Distribution: Niobrara Valley Electric Membership Corporation
  • Gas Distribution: Source Gas
  • Telecommunications Local Service Providers: Century Link
  • Sewer Distribution: The site has its own septic system
  • Water Distribution: The site has its own septic system

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