HomeTown Leadership Institute

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Since 2005, a countywide leadership program, known as the HomeTown Leadership Institute, has helped educate participants on different areas in Holt County and further develop personal leadership skills and talent.

See past graduates of the HomeTown Leadership Institute here.


2017 HomeTown Leadership Institute

The 2017 HomeTown Leadership Institute kicked off in March.  We have a great line-up of speakers and tours!


Strengths-Based Leadership | March 22 | HCED Office:

The participants will discover their top strengths and themes and learn how to maximize the strengths of those around them by taking Gallup's Clifton StrengthsFinder.


Economic Development / Housing | April 19 | Murphy Theatre & Media Center, Stuart:

What does economic development look like in Holt County?  What housing needs are present in our county?


Government in Holt County | May 17 | Holt County Courthouse (Supervisor's Room):

THis session will provide an overview of how our local government works.


2017 HomeTown Leadership Flyer


Want to hear more great things about HLI?  Check out this video that helped celebrate our 10th year!