Job Opportunity


Transportation Partners and Logistics
49419 871 RD
O'Neill, NE 68763

Contact Information
Monty Steele

Full/Part Time:


Primary Duties:

Attach loads with rigging to machinery in order to move them from one place to another
Make sure that the right amount and size of bolts and clamps are used for each pick
Assemble and disassemble rigging equipment at the beginning and end of each shift
Manipulate tag lines and hoists in order to control heavy loads
Ensure that the selected rigging is in accordance with the weight of the load
Communicate with operators and crew members using proper voice (radio) and hand signals
Inspect and set‐up rigging for safety and maneuverability before each pick
Ensure compliance to safe rigging practices at every step of the rigging process
Clean, maintain, and be accountable for all rigging, tools, and equipment
Ensure that all rigging, tools, and equipment are stored in a proper manner, and ready for it’s next use
Write Job Safety Analyses for all work to be performed.
Yard Maintenance (weed eating, snow removal, pumping water, etc.)
Equipment Maintenance (vehicle inspections, changing oil, etc.)
Unit Maintenance (hang tarps, lift blades, lift towers, etc.)


Must be at least 18 years old
Must be clocked in and ready to work at start of work day
Must have reliable transportation to and from work
Must be able to understand written and verbal instructions
No experience necessary. Will be trained on the job.




$15+ depends on experience


Company offers medical, dental, vision insurance, as well as vacation time and 401k for all employees.