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Highway Programs Specialist

Nebraska Department of Transportation
1500 Hwy 2
Lincoln, NE 68509

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Valerie Kimble

Full/Part Time:

Primary Duties:

$25.75 Hourly

Lincoln, NE

Job Type

Department of Transportation

Job Number

9/17/2019 11:59 PM Central

The Nebraska Department of Transportation (NDOT) Freight and Economic Development Liaison (FEDL) has the overall responsibility to improve investment and policy decisions to achieve state freight and economic goals. With this in mind, the primary duty for the FEDL is to coordinate NDOT activities with the activities of the Nebraska Department of Economic Development (NDED). In order to maximize Nebraska's competitive advantage in bringing jobs to the state, it is important that NDOT and NDED regularly coordinate their activities. On top of this, the FEDL is responsible for administering and maintaining the state's freight plan. This plan outlines Nebraska specific freight considerations, along with proposed action and investment strategies to improve freight flows and economic vitality for Nebraska. Informing the plan requires the FEDL to engage with various freight stakeholders, including the trucking and rail industries, along with federal agencies. In addition to planning activities, the FEDL administers the state's Economic Opportunities Program (EOP). The EOP provides several millions of dollars a year to local governments for last mile transportation connections (e.g. a new road, or rail spur) in exchange for the promise of new job creation. The FEDL is responsible for assessing various projects' conformance to the program guidelines, and approving/denying grant requests. This grant program requires applicants to enter into agreements with State and local road authorities to ensure that grant funds are expended correctly and to provide accountability for job creation after funds have been provided. Once agreements are executed, the FEDL must monitor the terms of the agreement and facilitate various activities as the project is being developed, such as engineering design review and permitting. Once plans are approved and the project has been awarded, the FEDL must review various project related documents for compliance with the agreements, as well as review invoices and issue payments to the local authorities as construction progresses. In the years following construction, the FEDL must review regular economic reporting by the applicant to ensure they are providing the economic benefits described in the agreement. Where necessary, the FEDL may be required to "claw back" funding if the agreed to economic performance thresholds are not satisfied by the applicant. Beyond these duties, the FEDL will oversee various ad hoc freight related studies such as supply chain optimization modeling. The FEDL will also obtain and manage freight data to calculate and execute freight performance reporting. Some of this reporting is federally required, which means the FEDL will be responsible for interpreting and conforming to Federal freight program reporting requirements. The FEDL will also interpret freight data and performance, and connect them to agency goals to guide policy development and investment decisions.


Qualifications / Requirements
REQUIREMENTS: Two year post high school degree or equivalent coursework/training in public administration, business administration, regional or community planning, social sciences, education, or human rights, and one year of experience in planning, evaluating, administering, or coordinating transportation related programs, operations, or activities. Additional years of experience in comparable fields of work listed may substitute for the required education on a year-for-year basis.

PREFERRED: Experience in the following: administration of federal and state programs, working with budgets, public speaking and giving presentations, transportation planning, (freight) data analysis, supply chain and logistics, highway project development, engineering reviews, permitting processes, developing interpersonal relationships, process improvement, and economic analysis. Preferred degrees include the following: business administration, communications, management, organizational leadership, planning, construction, engineering, and economics.
OTHER: Must have a valid driver's license or the ability to provide independent authorized transportation. Must be available for out of town and occasional overnight travel. Regular and reliable attendance is required
Knowledge, Skills and Abilities
As a liaison, effective communication, relationship building and project management skills are essential for the position. Outside of the NDOT team environment, the FEDL must understand the decision making needs of freight industry stakeholders and the NDED. This requires the ability to organize and facilitate frequent coordination along with the ability to provide effective direction for freight planning and EOP activities. In leading transportation and economic development experts, the FEDL must be able to understand and interpret laws, policy and program requirements. The position works with legal agreements, financial information, spreadsheets, highway engineering plans, etc. and must have the ability to work with each.







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