Job Opportunity

Assessment/School Improvement Coordinator

Stuart Public School
P.O. Box 99
Stuart, NE 68780

Contact Information
Robert Hanzlik

Full/Part Time:


Primary Duties:

The Northern Tier Schools Assessment/School Improvement Coordinator will compile and disaggregate both hard and soft data and assist schools with the school improvement process for the schools of the Northern Tier Consortium. The Northern Tier Assessment/School Improvement Coordinator will answer directly to the President of the Northern Tier and the Northern Tier Administrative Council. The NTS Assessment/School Improvement Coordinator is expected to be present and participate in all NTS Administrative Meetings.


1. Demonstrate computer proficiency in the use of word documents, spreadsheets, and programs necessary to compile and disaggregate data.
2. Working knowledge of Nebraska Department of Education Rules 10, 11, 51 & 52.
3. Familiarity with both the NE Frameworks and Advanced Ed. Accreditation process.
4. Possess the technical and analytical skills necessary to compile, synthesize and analyze individual and multiple school district data.
5. Possess the ability to relay data findings to small and large groups.
6. Willingness to attend recommended professional trainings paid for by the NTS.
7. Report achievement test results and other pertinent information which may serve as an indication as to the level of student performance as it may relate to state or national norms to staff, board of education, and community, with the approval of the superintendent.
8. Work with the guidance counselor to assist students in evaluating their aptitudes and abilities through the interpretation of individual standardized, state, district-wide test scores and other pertinent data.
9. Aid in completing necessary reports at the end of the year.
10. Provide leadership in the ongoing development and improvement of the entire instructional program of the district as per Mission, Vision, and Goals and District initiatives.
11. Guides development, implementation and evaluation of curriculum, instructional and assessment services.
12. Works with Superintendent and teacher committees in organizing and coordinating grade level and departmental meetings, in order to affect horizontal and vertical continuity and articulation of the instructional program throughout the district and NT schools.
13. Assumes responsibility for reviewing and evaluating results of district wide testing programs and for evaluative measures used by the schools.
14. Collaborates with District staff to ensure student learner outcomes/school outcomes and assessments are established.
15. Interprets the curriculum and its philosophy to the Board, the administration, the staff, and the general public.


2019-20 school year and beyond



1. Insurance stipend $17,000 or 80% of BlueCross BlueShield family rate with a $1,050 deductible. 2. Drive time is not compensated. 3. Mileage rate is at the state rate.