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Boyd Holt E-911 Dispatcher

Boyd Holt E911
P.O. Box 463 - 204 N. 4th Street
O'Neill, Ne 68763

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Full/Part Time:


Primary Duties:


MISSION: To perform duties as assigned in a manner which provides dependable, courteous, and efficient services to all Law Enforcement, Fire & Rescue Service providers and the general public in both Boyd and Holt counties promptly in times of emergency.


Telephone Communications: It is the duty of all Dispatchers to promptly and courteously answer all incoming telephone calls and to take immediate action on all requests for public safety and governmental services. The Dispatchers primary function is to answer all 911 emergency calls for assistance, as well as, general administration calls for public safety and other government offices. Dispatchers are responsible for and have the authority to assign these calls to specific agencies and/or individual representatives of those agencies. Of vital importance is the ability of the Dispatcher to be able to immediately notify appropriate agencies and personnel and to react to emergencies with extreme efficiency; Dispatchers are, after all, most commonly the first contact between the public and governmental services. Dispatchers shall maintain a record of all information received.

Radio Dispatching: Dispatchers must promptly answer and/or initiate radio transmissions for various public safety agencies in this area. These agencies include, but are not limited to:

Law Enforcement -- Atkinson Police Department
Boyd County Sheriff Department
Ewing/Page Police
Holt County Sheriff Department
O’Neill Police Department

Fire & Rescue -- Atkinson Fire & Rescue
Boyd County Ambulance
Bristow Fire
Butte Fire
Chambers Fire & Rescue
Ewing Fire & Rescue
Lynch Fire
Naper Fire & Rescue
O’Neill Fire & Rescue
Page Fire & Rescue
Spencer Fire & Rescue
Stuart Fire & Rescue

Other -- Nebraska Game & Parks
Nebraska State Patrol
State Fire Marshall

It is a foremost responsibility of the Dispatcher to provide for the lives and safety of all personnel in mobile units directly assigned to the Dispatch Center since their only link for immediate assistance is often through radio communications. A log of all radio transmissions shall be kept by the Dispatcher who will perform these duties in compliance with the rules and regulations of the Federal Communications Commission.

Dissemination of Law Enforcement Data/Information: The Dispatcher shall, only upon request of a Criminal Justice Agency or Law Enforcement Officer for which Boyd-Holt E911 has an ORI, make computer inquiries, entries and cancellations of records of wanted persons, missing persons, protection orders and stolen property/guns in the National Crime Information Center (NCIC) computer. The Dispatcher is responsible for performing these functions as quickly as possible and shall make such cancellations immediately to avoid possible false arrest litigation. In addition, Dispatchers will make inquiries to any of the state’s computers through the National Law Enforcement Teletype System (NLETS) for vehicle registration information and driver license information. It is the duty of the Dispatcher to send messages for, or in answer to, general information to various departments within the State of Nebraska, as well as, throughout the United States. Dispatchers are required to obtain confidential criminal history record information (III) on individuals through various teletype means only for agencies that Boyd Holt E911 have an ORI for and maintain the authority NOT to release this information to anyone outside the criminal justice profession. Dispatchers will keep a record of all teletype transactions and possess an understanding of the rules and regulations established by the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) concerning NCIC. NO INQUIRES OF ANY NATURE WILL BE RAN FOR A PARTY TO WHICH THE DISPATCHER IS UNSURE OF HAVING AUTHORITY TO REQUEST SUCH INFORMATION OR FOR ANY PERSONAL INTEREST OF THE DISPATCHER.

Alarms - - Dispatchers shall monitor various alarm systems for detection of fire, burglary, robbery and utility interruption of various businesses in Boyd and Holt Counties. Dispatchers shall take immediate action in notifying appropriate personnel to investigate these situations.

Emergency Management - - Dispatchers must receive and report any disaster information to appropriate parties, including initiating tornado/fire sirens as needed. . Information received from the National Weather Service and the Federal Emergency Management Agency must be disseminated to essential communities, officials and public institutions within the area.

Equipment Operation - - Dispatchers must be possess the ability to operate a computer system for entry and retrieval of various types of data in addition to, operating a multi-line telephone system and a statewide radio system. Employees must be able to comprehend basic computer, telephone, and radio functions and operations to immediately act on any failures by alternate methods of communication.

CONFIDENTIALITY - - DISPATCHERS MUST EXERCISE COMPLETE CONFIDENTIALITY AT ALL TIMES. All calls and transactions are to be kept strictly confidential. NO EXCEPTIONS will be tolerated without an exception being made in writing by the Boyd Holt E911 Board of Directors. (i.e. debriefing, etc.)

Miscellaneous Essential Functions - -

Operate basic office equipment (copier, fax, computer, recorder, telephones)
Maintain various written and typed logs of activities.
Attend staff meetings.
Complete general custodial duties in the workspace.
Attend training sessions as instructed or assigned.
Work shifts as scheduled.
Ability to perform other duties as assigned by Dispatch Supervisor or Board of Directors


Dispatchers of the Boyd Holt E911 Call Center are accountable to the Dispatch Supervisor and Board of Directors for the efficient completion of his/her duties and responsibilities. In addition, it should be noted that dispatchers may also be individually subject to civil & criminal liability for failure to perform duty.


• NO CONVICTION OF A FELONY OR SERIOUS MISDEMEANOR (Dispatchers must be able to be certified to access the FBI files.)
• High School Diploma or equivalent
• Ability to demonstrate effective communication skills both orally and in writing.
• Proficiency with the operation of multiple line telephones and multi-channel radio equipment.
• Ability to maintain confidentiality.
• Proficiency in the use of computers and relevant software.
• Ability to think quickly, make sound logical decisions, and perform multiple tasks simultaneously.
• Ability to work alone in the communications Center or wherever assigned.
• Ability to report for duty as scheduled, in a timely fashion and during inclement weather.
• Must qualify for and be able to complete the public safety telecommunicator class as presented by APCO International.
• Ability to successfully complete First Aid/CPR and NIMS Training.
• Ability to utilize hazardous material resources provided by the department.
• Keyboarding skills (30 wpm min.)
• Unimpaired or corrected vision
• Unimpaired or corrected hearing
• Unimpaired speech
• Ability to sit for prolonged period of time (12 or more hours)
• Ability to tactfully communicate with the public.
• Ability to carry out verbal and written instructions easily and efficiently.
• Ability to react immediately and professionally in emergencies.
• Must have working knowledge of general office procedures, techniques and equipment.
• Must possess the ability to work independently, prioritize work, meet deadlines, and make decisions on the basis of established policies and procedures.
• Ability to develop and maintain cooperative working relationships with co-workers, supervisors, law enforcement personnel, government officials, fire & rescue personnel, as well as, the general public.
• Ability to obtain Emergency Service Dispatcher and EMD certification.


Light work. Stooping, kneeling, crouching, reaching, walking, lifting, grasping, feeling, talking, hearing, repetitive motions. Close visual acuity. Subject to inside environmental conditions; exposure to infectious diseases; required to function around prisoners or mental patients. Must be able to sit at a desk/console for long periods of time. Must be able to work alone in the communications center for long periods of time. Must be drug free and pass random drug tests as scheduled.


The Boyd Holt E911 Call Center personnel are scheduled to work twelve (12) hour shifts beginning and ending at 0600 and 1800 respectfully. All employees must work shifts as scheduled, which shall include weekends, holidays, and day/night shifts. Dispatchers are allowed to trade shifts so long as no overtime is a result and no Dispatcher works more than four shifts in a row.



Position will remain open until filled.


Starting wage is $15.00 p/hr with raise upon successful completion of probationary period.


Full family medical insurance at no cost to employee, vacation, sick leave, life insurance, and longevity pay after five years of service.