Job Opportunity

Health Care Provider

Country Lane Retirement Village
1203 E. Hynes
O'Neill, NE 68763

Contact Information
Nikkita Everett

Full/Part Time:


Primary Duties:

· Coordinate and implement the delivery of resident care.
· Complete assessments and write service plans for all current and prospective residents as required by company policies.
· Responsible for (EHR) Electronic Health Record.
· Be responsible for notifying doctor and family of any health concerns.
· Be responsible for documenting residents’ health concerns in Nurse’s Notes.
· Be responsible for having EMAR prepared, accurately, monthly and as needed.
· Monitor medications for all residents who receive medication management.
· Assure that appropriate medical information is relayed between shifts.
· Delegate and document tasks according to the healthcare manual and the Nurse Practice Act.
· Be responsible for overseeing all medication reminders and administration.
· Maintain and schedule adequate staffing. Recruiting, hiring, terminating, and supervising universal worker staff.
· Conduct health care related portion of the new hire orientation and onboarding.
· Train each new and existing employee, thoroughly, in his/her duties and in the Policies and Procedures, as they relate to their position.
· Complete reviews for universal workers.
· Coach and council universal workers
· Attend all mandatory meetings and required training.
· Be a part of the safety team and committees as assigned.
· Use and train on proper body mechanics.
· Be responsible for proper disposal of hazardous materials.
· Train on use of personal protective equipment, as required, and monitor staff for appropriate usage.
· Review and follow up on incident reports.
· Maintain and follow budget.
· Maintain inventory of nursing equipment and supplies and perform annual inventory of all items related to health care.
· Uphold confidentiality and Health Insurance and Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) regulations. Act as the community HIPAA compliance officer.
· Comply with all state regulations as they apply to assisted living certification.
· Assure 24-hour, 7-days per week on-site coverage to respond to calls for urgent assistance from residents of the Community, and to respond to fire alarms or other emergencies.
· Other Duties as assigned.


2 years’ experience in working with persons with dementia including leading groups, creating social interactions, assistance with ADLs.
Experience assessing resident needs and developing approaches to reduce discomfort /enhance daily wellbeing.
Must be able to relate professionally and positively to Community staff and to work cooperatively with associates of all levels and to represent community’s resident and resident care program in the local community.
Must meet state regulatory requirements, if any, for the position. Demonstrated abilities in organization and effective interpersonal skills.
Ability to work flexible schedules in 24-hour operation including weekends.
Required Education and Experience:
-RN – Registered Nurse, current state of employment.
-CPR certification.
-Must have had experience managing six people or more.

Experience: Registered Nurse: 1 year (Required)
License: Registered Nurse (RN) (Required)


Until filled