Holt County Visitor's Committee

The Holt County Visitors Committee is the result of the Nebraska Visitors Development Act, which allows a county to collect a lodging tax. The tax revenues are then used to attract visitors to the county and/or construct, expand and improve attractions in the county, thereby helping travel and tourism locally. The Holt County Visitors Committee oversees the use of those tax revenues. They are dedicated members of the communities they live in and want to see Holt County thrive.

Any Holt County organization interested in applying for funds is encouraged to fill out a grant application. There are two funds that distribute grants: the Promotions Fund and the Improvement Fund. The proceeds of the Holt County Visitors Promotion Fund shall be used generally to promote, encourage, and attract visitors to come to the county and use the travel and tourism facilities within the county. The proceeds of the Holt County Visitors Improvement Fund shall be used to improve the visitor attractions and facilities in the county, except that no proceeds shall be used to improve a facility in which pari-mutuel wagering is conducted.  The Improvement Fund is available for any visitor attraction in the county owned by the public or any nonprofit organization.

Committee Members

  • Scott Kaup, Chair
  • Cheryl Welsh, Vice-Chair
  • Lauri Havranek, Secretary/Treasurer
  • Kristi Peterson
  • Cindy Ickes
  • Pam Winer
  • Vonnie Thramer

Check out past Holt County Visitors Committee grant recipients here.

When filling out an application, please make sure to fill out the correct form based on your request. For more information or if you have questions, please contact Lauri at the address below.

Download Improvement Grant PDF
Download Promotions Grant PDF

Holt County Visitors Committee

125 S. 4th Street
O’Neill, NE 68763
(402) 336-2355