Page, Nebraska



 State Electric Power Deregulated.....   No

Electric System Operator: North Central Public Power District
  phone - (800) 578-1060
  website -
  email -
Wholesale Supplier: North Central Public Power District
Additional Comments: Page is provided retail electric service by North Central Public Power District (NCPPD). Service is supplied by a 34.5 kV substation with one incoming feed. There is one outgoing feed from the substation at 2.4/4.1 kV with three single 167 kVA transformers in the substation.
Natural Gas:
Natural Gas Service Available..... No  
Provider..... Village  
Major Source..... Wells  
If Wells, Average Depth..... 320 feet
Peak Demand..... 0.050 mgd
Storage Capacity..... 468,000 gallons
Hardness..... 7 ppm
Treated..... Yes  
Temperature Range..... 40-58 (degrees Fahrenheit)
The municipal water system in Page is supplied by 2 wells, which have an average depth of 320 feet. The system, serving the entire community, has a pumping capacity of 325-350 gallons per minute. The average daily demand is 33,000 gallons, and the historic peak daily demand is 50,000 gallons. The system has a maximum capacity of 468,000 gallons per day. The static pressure averages 50 pounds per square inch. A chlorination treatment plant has a daily capacity of 65,000 gallons. The color of the water is clear. A $4,700 new generator for the water treatment plant was purchased by the village of Page.
Sanitation/Waste Water:
Type of Service..... lagoon  
Sewer Connection Fee..... Yes  
Page has a municipal sanitary sewerage system. The lagoon treatment plant was built in 1994 and designed for a population of 500. A $25.00 connection fee is charged for new service.
Name of Local Service Provider..... Great Plains Communications, Inc.  
The incumbent local telephone exchange carrier for Page is Great Plains Communications, Inc., with a digital central office in Ewing. Telstrat with ESA off Coppercom switch is available in Wausa. DSL service is provided. Extended area service from Page is available to O'Neill and Ewing.