O'Neill, Nebraska

Educational Facilities

Public Schools # of Schools Enrollment Teacher/Student Ratio
Elementary 1 400 1:12
Jr/Sr. High 1 330 1:9
Private Schools # of Schools Enrollment Teacher/Student Ratio
Elementary 2 103 1:13
Senior High 1 82 1:8

The O'Neill Public School District No. 7 covers approximately 114 square miles and serves the communities of Emmet, Inman, O'Neill, and Page. The Class 3 District is accredited by the State of Nebraska and North Central Association. The O'Neill Public Elementary was built in 1996 and the Junior-Senior High School was built in 1964. The O'Neill Elementary School serves students in kindergarten through sixth grade with three sections of each grade level. Students are provided with the latest curriculum materials, including new science, social studies, reading, and math text books, along with newly aligned curriculums. Students also have up-to-date technology including MacBooks, SMART Boards, Palm Pilots, iPads, and video equipment. Special service programs are also available to students including HAL, ELL, Special Education, and Title 1. The Developing Eagles Program is available to all students after school from 3:30 pm to 5:00 pm during the school year and from 8:00 am to 1:00 pm during the summer. This program assists students in completing homework, playing educational games to reinforce classroom instruction, and physical activities to promote a healthy lifestyle. In cooperation with the Head Start Program and Chambers Public School, the O'Neill District opened a preschool program during the 2008-09 school year. O'Neill Junior-Senior High School provides a broad spectrum of courses. In addition to 13 core classes, high school students can follow a vocational program with 29 course offerings or a college preparatory curriculum with 31 courses. Classes are also offered through a variety of post-secondary institutions during the regular school day. Students may enroll in TANN (Technology Academy of Northeast Nebraska) classes for both high school and college credit. O'Neill High School has had tremendous success in scholastic competition. During the last 20 years, students have won their division of the Chadron State College Scholastic Contest 16 times and have been overall champion several times. Students from O'Neill High School consistently score higher than the state average on the ACT.

St. Mary's Catholic School, a Pre-K-12 school in O'Neill serves as a center for Christian education with St. Patrick's Parish. St. Mary's has 25 class rooms. In 2007 a $1 million renovation project was initiated. Through the generosity of friends, benefactors, parishioners, and alumni, St. Mary's was able to renovate and add many areas to the school including the gym, classrooms, library, chapel, nurse's station, office area, staff lounge, commons area, elevator, and paved parking.

Word of Life is a Pre-K-8 Christian School in O'Neill. The school has 6 classrooms.