Ewing, Nebraska



 State Electric Power Deregulated.....   No

Electric System Operator: Elkhorn Rural Public Power District
  Phone - (800) 675-2185
  Website - www.erppd.com
  E-mail - erppd@erppd.com
Wholesale Supplier: Elkhorn Rural Public Power District
Additional Comments: The Village of Ewing is served electric power by Elkhorn Rural Public Power District (ERPPD), a wholesale power customer of NPPD. Service is supplied by a 34.5 kV substation with one incoming feed at 34.5 kV and three outgoing feeds at a voltage of 2.4 kV. The community is supplied with three 500 kW transformers.
Natural Gas:
Natural Gas Service Available..... Yes  
Supplier in Community..... Black Hills Energy  




Provider..... Village of Ewing  
Major Source..... Well  
If Wells, Average Depth..... 183 feet
Storage Capacity..... 50,000 gallons
Treated..... No  
Temperature Range..... 34-50 (degrees Fahrenheit)
The municipal water system in Ewing is supplied by 3 wells, which have an average depth of 183 feet. The system has a pumping capacity of 850 gallons per minute and serves 99.5 percent of the village population. The overhead storage capacity is 50,000 gallons. The average daily demand is 21,000 gallons, and the historic peak daily demand is 400,000 gallons. The system has a maximum capacity 1,274,000 gallons per day. The static pressure is 41 pounds per square inch and the residual pressure is 40 pounds per square inch. A 280 foot well produces 480 gallons of water per minute. The color of the water is clear. Capital improvements to be completed by 2013 include the painting of the water tower at a cost of $27,000. This project will be financed by revenue funds.


Sanitation/Waste Water:

Name of Provider..... Village of Ewing  
Type of Service..... Municipal sanitary sewerage system  
Sewer Connection Fee..... Yes  
The community also has a storm sewer system serving a small part of the town. The lagoon treatment plant, built in 1972, has a daily capacity of 334,000 gallons, an average daily flow of 110,000 gallons, and a historic peak daily discharge of 300,000 gallons.



Name of Local Service Provider..... Great Plains Communication, Inc.  
Great Plains Communication, Inc. has a digital central office in Ewing. Telstrat with ESA off Copercom switch is available in Wausa. Extended area service from Ewing is available to Orchard and Page.