Ewing, Nebraska

Municipal Services

Type of Government.....Village Board 

Comprehensive City Plan.....No, (year)City Manager.....No City Engineer.....No County Zoning Ordinance in Effect.....Yes Garbage Service Provider.....City Public Library in City.....Yes 

Percent of Streets Paved..... 90 %
Number Volunteer Fire Department Personnel..... 20
  Inside City   Outside City
Fire Insurance Class..... 8   10
Standard building codes are enforced in the village of Ewing. Fire protection is provided to the village of Ewing and the rural areas by a 20-member volunteer fire department; 11 members are EMT certified. The department also provides protection to areas outside the community and responds to mutual aid calls with area communities and the Rural Fire District. There are 35 fire hydrants in Ewing. A new fire hall was built in the fall of 2008 and additional interior work will be completed as time and funding are available. The Fire Department has up-to-date fire equipment including 2 ambulances. The Ewing Township Library contains 4,000 volumes with an average annual circulation of 1,500. The library has books and movies for check out. Story hour is held four times each summer. Other library resources include a computer with Internet access, book clubs, and a library commission.