Emmet, Nebraska



 State Electric Power Deregulated.....   No

Electric System Operator: Nebraska Public Power District
  Phone - Economic Development: (800) 282-6773 or 24-Hours: (877) 275-6773
  Website - www.nppd.com
  E-mail - EconDev@nppd.com
  Comments -
Nebraska Public Power District (NPPD), the state's largest electric utility, has a diverse mix of generation, including nuclear, coal, hydro, gas and oil, and wind. NPPD delivers power to approximately 1 million Nebraskans and has ample capacity to meet the needs of new loads. Nebraska's electric costs are among the lowest in the nation. NPPD's professional Economic Development Team is available to assist with expansion and retention of existing business and new business locations. Contact the Economic Development Team by emailing econdev@nppd.com or by calling (800) 282-6773. Further information can be found online @ sites.nppd.com. Utility information can be found @ www.nppd.com.
Wholesale Supplier: Nebraska Public Power District
Additional Comments: Emmet is provided electric service by NPPD's 12.5 kV substation with one incoming feed at 12.5 kV and one outgoing feed at a voltage of 4.16kV. Three 150 kVA transformers supply the community. These substations are tied into the statewide grid system.
Natural Gas:
Natural Gas Service Available..... Yes  
Supplier in Community..... Black Hills Energy  



Municipal water systems are not available in Emmet. Individual wells provide water to residents.
Sanitation/Waste Water:
Name of Provider..... Village of Emmet  
Type of Service..... Lagoon  
Emmet has a municipal sanitary sewerage system with a two-cell lagoon system.



Name of Local Service Provider..... CenturyLink  

Emmet’s telecommunications services are provided by CentruyLink with Local Exchange Service, DSL, Telecommunications Services including, but not limited to, business lines, long distance, frame relay, MPLS, private line, Internet, Voice & Date Equipment, and professional services.  Technicians and networking personnel reside in O'Neill, providing 24-hour on -call service.