Chambers, Nebraska

Educational Facilities

Public Schools # of Schools Enrollment Teacher/Student Ratio
Elementary 1 59 1:8
Senior High 1 53 1:5

Chambers Public School is proud of its rich tradition of excellence in academics, activities and athletics.  The students enjoy the support of parents, community, and an experienced faculty and staff.  In addition to a rigorous curriculum, the students have the opportunity to take distant classes as well as in-house college credit classes through Northeast Community College.  Approximately 90% of the graduates have pursued post-secondary education.  The other 10% take jobs or enter the Military.  Graduate surveys indicate that students have been well-prepared for college and the work place.  Chambers takes pride in the education they provide to help students achieve the academic, physical, social and emotional foundation needed to become a successful, contributing member of society.  Chambers High School has been noted for their outstanding band under the direction of Mr. Duane DeVries and their academic and athletic abilities.  Because of the small class size each of the students in Chambers Elementary School receives personal time and attention from the experienced and dedicated elementary staff.  A rigorous core curriculum of language arts, math, science, and social studies helps students achieve excellence in and out of the classroom.  Chambers Public School coops with Wheeler Central School in Bartlett for sports. 

THOENDEL LEARNING CENTER located in Chambers offers the Davis Dyslexia Correction Program to clients ages eight and older.  The one-week, intensive, goal-oriented program is designed for the visual-spatial learner.  The program is facilitated by a licensed instructor focusing on techniques, understanding how to resolve confusion with letters, words, and other symbols using their creativity and imagination.  Reading exercises eliminate guessing and promote comprehension and improved balance and coordination.