Atkinson, Nebraska



 State Electric Power Deregulated.....   No

Electric System Operator: Nebraska Public Power District
  Phone - Economic Development: (800) 282-6773 or 24-Hours: (877) 275-6773
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Nebraska Public Power District (NPPD), the state's largest electric utility, has a diverse mix of generation, including nuclear, coal, hydro, gas and oil, and wind. NPPD delivers power to approximately 1 million Nebraskans and has ample capacity to meet the needs of new loads. Nebraska's electric costs are among the lowest in the nation. NPPD's professional Economic Development Team is available to assist with expansion and retention of existing business and new business locations. Contact the Economic Development Team by emailing or by calling (800) 282-6773. Further information can be found online @ Utility information can be found @
Wholesale Supplier: Nebraska Public Power District

Natural Gas:

Natural Gas Service Available..... Yes  
Supplier in Community..... Black Hill Energy  
Provider..... City of Atkinson  
Major Source..... Four wells (one used for backup)  
If Wells, Average Depth..... 160 feet
Rated Capacity..... 0.120 mgd
Average Capacity..... 0.040 mgd
Peak Demand..... 0.750 mgd
Storage Capacity..... 100,000 gallons
Hardness..... 110 ppm
Treated..... No  
Temperature Range..... 44-55 (degrees Fahrenheit)
Sanitation/Waste Water:
Name of Provider..... City of Atkinson  
Type of Service..... Storm Sewer  
Rated Capacity..... 0.120 (mgd)
Average Daily Demand..... 0.120 (mgd)
Peak Demand..... 0.150 (mgd)
Sewer Connection Fee..... Yes  
Name of Local Service Provider..... CenturyLink